Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Here's why you need to know:

-When it was announced that JP Morgan/Chase had lost 2-billion on bad investments, we heard our anti-business elected leaders screaming about mismanagement and breaking up huge banks. But did you know that three federal agencies lost a shitload more than JPM? Damn I would love for someone to smack Carl Levin in the face with this info on Meet the Press. Besides, Obama wasted more than that while he was taking a piss this morning.

-How much has the government spent since the agreement last March to continue funding the the behemoth that is federal spending? Try $1,526,126,486,886.61or nearly $13,000 per person. Washington needs a serious enema. 

-A Utah school was fined over $15,000 for selling soda at lunch. Damn, liberals hate allowing people the freedom to make decisions, don't they?

-Awesome: Exxon outsmarted Hugo Chavez to the tune of $300,000,000. Sweet. It's a great day when imperialist American corporations hood-wink communist dictators.

-Blow up the deficit and debt? People get irate. Get us into a third war with a middle eastern nation? People get wary. Take away Gibson guitars played by people's favorite bands during their summer tours? Major riots of heavily intoxicated people.

In honor of all the great Les Paul players, here's Bob Marley with his Les Paul performing the epic Rastaman Vibration:

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