Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Romney Carries Torch Lit By Christie and Walker

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For years they called social security the "third rail" of politics meaning whoever stepped there would suffer badly. George W. Bush boldly went there but learned quickly it was a battle he didn't have the will to fight with everything else he was dealing with.

But over the last five years or so, the real hornets nest was shown to be teachers unions. Governor's for years had given the teachers representatives contracts that were grossly unfair to those paying for them--taxpayers. They were afraid to get hit with the "enemy of kids" card, which can hurt even more than the race card. Every governor or local official who even remotely took a stand was branded as anti-children or anti-education and quickly backed down with their tail between their legs.

Enter Chris Christie who actually ran on a platform of reforming education and taking on the unions like the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). But Christie is a man of his word and didn't back down but charged forward. He was vilified and the unions ran ad after ad. Out of spite, schools began charging for all activities--some up to $300 per year--stating they couldn't afford to cover the costs. Christie cut funding for schools and made them adapt by streamlining. He battled daily and became a You Tube sensation every time he smacked down someone who debated him.

Christie restored some fiscal sanity to a state that had seen none in decades.

Then we were introduced to Gov. Scott Walker who also campaigned on the union-busting platform. He had union ingrates sleeping in the Capitol building protesting his every move. They eventually got enough signatures from homeless dudes and dead people to force a recall. Unfortunately for the unions and assorted other idiots, he saved the state a billion bucks and appears headed to victory.

Now Romney is taking on the unions and we're about to see how this successful strategy plays out on a national scale:

And he declared war on teachers unions, saying they “are the clearest example of a group that has lost its way.” He said Mr. Obama is too beholden to the unions to be able to reform the school system.
“President Obama has been unable to stand up to union bosses — and unwilling to stand up for kids,” Mr. Romney said, accusing the president of putting the unions’ campaign donations ahead of the needs of students those teachers are teaching.
This came during a speech on education in which he talked about the good things charter schools are doing for all children. The unions abhor charter schools so Romney effectively just declared war. Not that they would've supported him anyway but this was overt and he's evidently decided that this is a winning issue after seeing how well it resonated with many people.

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