Thursday, May 24, 2012

Democrat Senate Candidate Caught With Coed and Gun

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But he's a "soldier" and a "pastor". 

So this idiot from SC who's running for US Senate decides it's a good idea to knock one or ten back at a local pub where he met a nice, wholesome young lady whom he took to another bar and out of the goodness of his religious heart decided to drive home. 

Instead of making it home or making it with the coed he got pulled over for doing 44 in a 30 and declined the nice offer of a breathalyzer. He also forgot to mention one little thing:

After Vick refused to take a sobriety test or a field test, he was taken to a local detention center, where officers found that the state congressman was carrying a Kel-Tec .380-caliber pistol in his front pocket. He had not told officers about the weapon, and his concealed weapons permit had expired in 2007, the police report said.
I can just hear the good "pastor": "oh heavens me, how did that get there? And that young lady, I was just ministering to her because she has strayed from the true word of God". 

Whatever Vick, you're a scumbag politician who got caught with your hand in the cookie jar and too much Jim Beam in your gut. Say goodbye to your chances. For the record; you'd have been a drastic improvement when standing in that caucus next to likes of Robert Menendez, Harry Reid and Chucky Shumer. 

Read the rest of the story to see just what a phony this ass-clown really is. 

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