Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No Matter How Stupid, Guillen Has Right to Speak His mind

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Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen allegedly said some comments about dictator and murderer Fidel Castro where he expressed his "love" for Castro and other praise. Unfortunately for Guillen, he did it in the one place where hatred for Castro is deeply imbedded.

Miami has the largest Cuban population outside of Havana and many of them have suffered personally or had loved one oppressed, jailed or killed by the vile thug. Today, the Marlins suspended Guillen for 5-games and it's up in the air whether he can survive as manager in his new city.

Now what Ozzie said was idiotic but the Marlins were wrong in suspending him. he man has his rights and opining is one of them. He claims he was misinterpreted and with todays media I cannot discount that but he still has the right to say what he wants. I get that it was purely a business decision and the Marlins need to do damage control but I'm a firm believer in the right to free speech and Guillen was denied that.

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