Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Night News & Notes

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Here's what's new:

-Obama has been worse for gays than W. Bush ever conceived of. He courts them and then disses them on gay marriage. They will still be hypocrites and vote for him but they have to rationalize it.

-Now if Meghan McCain actually posed in Playboy I may be interested. An interview? Not so much. Yeah, I'm a guy and a pig but that's how I roll.

-Yeah, it's come to this:

Really? I can't wait for him portrayed on a cross when he loses come November.

-A reporter actually asked if Obama's dog favored selling oil from the SPR? These people are a disgrace.

-Obama spends donors money like he spends the publics money...recklessly.

-In the what if Bush had done it category: Drones continue to be used to take out terrorists in a country we are not at war with. Read the link to find out the frequency in which they are occurring.

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