Friday, March 16, 2012

NPR: Sorry, That Story Slamming Apple Was Based on a Monologue By a Loser & Is Retracted

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So, NPR--your tax-dollar-sponsored liberal regurgitation station-- ran a story about horrid conditions in China at the plant where they make Apple products.

You see, if this were a left-leaning corporation we'd not hear anything bad but this is a hugely profitable American company that was built from the ground up by a guy who never bowed to the liberal establishment so we have stories like this on the air.

Anyway, some lame show on NPR entitled This American Life ran the story in January and it was reportedly solely sourced by the words of one man--some ass-clown named Mike Daisey. They apparently didn't do any more real investigating and just went with the story. you know why? Because in the liberal mind, anything anti-American business is plausible. The worst that you can imagine is what they really think American businesses are capable of. The story didn't require any more investigation because it just had to be true in their wretched little craniums. You can try the link above but Drudge crashed the site.

A reporter who just didn't feel the story was correct did what NPR didn't and interviewed Daisey's interpreter:
Take one example from his monologue—it takes place at a meeting he had with an illegal workers union. He meets a group of workers who’ve been poisoned by the neurotoxin N-Hexane while working on the iPhone assembly line: “…and all these people have been exposed,” he says. “Their hands shake uncontrollably. Most of them…can't even pick up a glass.”

Cathy Lee, Daisey’s translator in Shenzhen, was with Daisey at this meeting in Shenzhen. I met her in the exact place she took Daisey—the gates of Foxconn. So I asked her: “Did you meet people who fit this description?”

“No,” she said.

“So there was nobody who said they were poisoned by hexane?” I continued.

Lee’s answer was the same: “No. Nobody mentioned the Hexane.”

I pressed Cathy to confirm other key details that Daisey reported. Did the guards have guns when you came here with Mike Daisey? With each question I got the same answer from Lee. “No,” or “This is not true.”

Daisey claims he met underage workers at Foxconn. He says he talked to a man whose hand was twisted into a claw from making iPads. He describes visiting factory dorm rooms with beds stacked to the ceiling. But Cathy says none of this happened.
He eventually came clean in a one-on-one interview and said he did not see anything that he described. In other words, he flat out lied and NPR went with it without even checking the basics.

This idiot Daisey is a hard core liberal and has said things that may have resulted in millions of losses for Apple. He's set NPR up for a ferocious lawsuit and the American public will get stuck paying for this douchebag's egregious rantings.

It's the old "fake but accurate" canard "progressives" broke out during Rathergate and I was not even remotely surprised to find the weaselly Ezra Klein playing that angle as he always does when a liberal liar is unearthed.

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