Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beach Front Property in My Future?

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According to global warming types, I could be living large in about 18-years:

A new report shows sea levels are rapidly rising and the study predicts the Jersey Shore could be underwater in a matter of decades.

The organization “Climate Central” in Princeton, New Jersey released the ocean study Wednesday.

The group found global warming is expanding sea water and causing ice sheets to melt.

Scientists believe by the end of the century, water levels will be three to four feet higher, with bigger storm surges that could wipe out low lying areas.
Being that I'm about 42 miles inland, I could have a great view of the sunrise and be able to cast a surf rod out my front door.


I'll take it as long as that pig Snooki stays the hell off my front porch. Especially since she's going to look even more beat down than she presently does in a couple of decades.

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