Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Occupiers Preoccupied With Low Cash Flow

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The Occupy Wall Street idiots are getting a hard lesson in reality when it comes to financing there inane "movement":

Occupy Wall Street—the movement built on protesting corporate greed and income inequality—is running out of money.

After raising more than $700,000 last fall, protesters who keep track of money for Occupy Wall Street reported this week that the group has about $170,000 in its bank account. Very few donations are coming in, they said.

"If we keep spending at the rate at which we have been doing, we will probably go broke in a month," said Haywood Carey, 28 years old, a member of the movement's accounting group
What a damn pity.

Perhaps if they hadn't reverted to liberal form and acted like a gaggle of morons they may have had more support and could have built themselves into a real operation. Perhaps if one of their kind had majored in business, finance or accounting they would have had an adult around to explain to them that taking a dump in public, whacking off in front of the world and booting hard drugs is a turn off to those who actually have a life. I mean, the list of offenses in staggering and they actually expected to raise money. Despite the support of members of Congress and a wink from Obama they've managed to squander it any good will and alienate everyone except each other.

Maybe if they tried the Tea Party method--cleaning up after themselves and not squatting (literally) in public parks that people like to use--they would have been received better.

So much for the OWS imbeciles being a force in the 2012 elections.

Good riddance.

Update: You know you've lost San Fran Nan when she compares you to a Tea Partier (or in her parlance I'm sure it's "tea bagger". Er, sorry to use tea bagger and Pelosi in the same sentence. Send me the bill for cleaning that puke that just ran down your shirt or ended up on your keyboard.

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