Friday, January 13, 2012

Newt Gingrich Exposes Himself as Complete Douchebag

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We all knew Newt was mostly a douchebag but he's now gone full douchebag. From his days in the House to his subsequent lobbying and deals with Fannie and Freddie, he's shown that he is the ultimate Washington animal who will slither to anyone willing to throw him a signed check.

He rose quickly to the top of the GOP primary heap but went to the bottom even quicker once people had a chance to assess him and came away feeling like they just spent a few minutes with a dude who sells used cars in a run-down lot off County Road 27.

Newt has sunk even lower than I thought possible with his latest attacks. Hitting Romney from the left and skewering businessmen and corporations is despicable and to be honest, he has been exposed for the cretin he is because of it. Newt wouldn't understand how businesses are really run if it was explained to him by Sam Walton himself.

Today the WaPo gave him the dreaded four "Pinocchio's" for his 29-minute attack video on Mitt Romney and his affiliation with Bain Capital; a venture capital group.

Now don't for one second believe that the WaPo did this to protect Romney. Anyone with half their wits knows that Gingrich doesn't stand a chance of beating Obama should the unfortunate occurrence of him winning the nomination happen. The WaPo would, in most circumstances, be trumpeting Newt to help Obama. But the blatant attack, the hypocrisy and deception of it was too much even for that particular liberal DC rag.

Go away Newt. Go back to selling your soul and yourself for a paycheck like the dirty crack whore you are.

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