Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Night News and Notes

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What's up y'all?

Another mild winter day in New Jersey. I blame global warming climate change...and George Bush of course (that's still fashionable in some circles).

-Rick Perry made a really bad decision to run for president. To paraphrase Honest Abe: better to be quiet and thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Perry removed all doubt really quickly and now is polling third...in Texas! Dude, that's a meteoric meltdown.

-In the good news department; Obama is polling at 48% approval and only one incumbent has won reelection with such an anemic number. That would be Tricky Dick and Obama is no Richard Milhouse Nixon.

-Obama is no MLK either:

-Obamateur update: Obama's acting director of the OMB is a former employee at Bain Capital where everyone is all worked up because Romney worked there. The stupid line of attack was made thought up by Gingrich and Perry anyway.

-1,300 potential targets for Israeli/US covert operatives? This has got to be completely messing with the mad mullah's minds.

-Just a reminder, we still have heroes serving and protecting us.

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