Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Top Ten Stories of the Year

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It's been a weird year up here in the great state of New Jersey. In one week in in August we experienced an earthquake and a hurricane. Around the rest of the country and world it's been just as strange.

Here's my choices for stories of the year:

10. Occupy Protests End as Epic Fail: Despite having massive adoration from a slobbering media, free use of public parks and money from rich (1%) patrons, the occupiers ending up being exactly what we thought a bunch of liberal entitlement babies with no jobs, sense or idea what they were protesting would be. They trashed every park they took over, made life miserable for people adjacent them and generally showed us what a society led by them would look like. If you are for rape, murder, public masturbation and seeing some dude take a dump in front of you, these are your type of folks. I guess if the Tea Party groups were ruder, whiter and less hygienic they could have been Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

9. Japanese Tsunami: This event more than anything showed what a different world we now live in. A major earthquake followed by a lethal wave that obliterated a nuclear facility and released more radiation than we'll ever know would have been enormous in, say, 1983. In today's high-speed world it was only on the front pages for a week.

8. Steve Jobs Passes: Steve Jobs was a great American entrepreneur who created things we didn't even know we needed but couldn't live without. You know he was a great capitalist when the MSM started running stories slamming him within days of his death. The same media that didn't have the balls to say anything mean about him while he was alive joined with fellow liberals kicking the carcass with anecdotes about his lack of charitable giving and other bullshit. I'm proud to say I'm typing this on a new Mac so thanks Steve and rest in peace.

7. Tim Tebow Gives Liberals Conniptions: Quarterback Tim Tebow is a devout Christian man and wears his religion on his sleeve. That's enough to make the left go apeshit. Tebow is a great athlete but not the prototypical QB a la Marino or Favre. Normally, people would love Tebow but he made an innocuous anti-abortion commercial (see below) and gets down on one knee and prays after games so he's the worst thing to happen to the NFL since steroids in the liberal mind. The same liberal minds that would not be acting this way if, say, Tebow were a Muslim.

6. The Arab Spring Disintegrates into Hell: I recall being in England back when the Tahrir Square uprisings were the only thing anyone was covering. The BBC covered it non-stop as if it was just great that a stable regime was being toppled by citizens who were good and just. We soon found that was not exactly the case. Instead, Egypt has become what could be the most militant Islamic nation in the world. The Muslim Brotherhood (started by Zawahiri) has control and a more militant party will soon join them in a coalition. Christians are being persecuted and any peace agreements with Israel will soon be nullified. Success!

5. Obama Gives the Finger to Iranian Protestors: The current title for most theocratic and oppressive nation (with Saudi Arabia a very close second) is held by Iran. Stonings, murder of homosexuals and other atrocities are commonplace. So what does the president who espoused hope and change and freedom do when Iranian's try to fight back against the ruling Ayatollah's? He dithers and votes present just like he does with every other big decision that may cost him some votes. All the uprising needed was a few words from Obama transmitted across the border from either Afghanistan or Iraq pledging some kind of support and the regime and theocratic house of cards would have tumbled.

4. The Continued Attack on Iran's Nuke Program: Stuxtnet is a virus on steroids. Apparently it was introduced into the Iranian nuke program in 2010 and wreaked absolute havoc. Add to that the recent and unexplained explosions and mishaps happening throughout the Persian nation and one has to wonder who's to blame. Could it be the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia or a joint effort? We probably won't know for a while but it definitely has had an effect on their ambitious plutonium enrichment project.

3. The Coordinated Media War on Herman Cain: Anyone who has followed politics knows the backlash that black men and women suffer when they come out as conservatives. Generally it comes from other African-Americans so they can have some cover because you know blacks can't be racist toward other blacks. All that was thrown out the window with Herman Cain. They went after the former corporate CEO harder than any of the white candidates--and it wasn't just fellow blacks. No, they made it personal and reported any shred of rumor they could find that portrayed him as unfaithful and a serial adulterer. They played on what they perceived is a conservative idea that all black men are horn dogs banging anything they can because any good liberals know us on the right have racist, pre-conceived notions of blacks. In other words, they used the race card in a way that was not easy to detect unless you were paying attention. Stories about John Edwards were ignored for months until the National Enquirer broke them because the proof supposedly wasn't there. The same decency was not extended to Mr. Cain.

2. Obama Abandons One War and Starts Another: Obama pledged a great many things on the campaign trail in 2008. One was to get out of Iraq and W left him a stable situation that required a little finesse to allow us to exit with dignity while still keeping the peace. Instead, Obama blew and if to compound the issue he started a NATO bombing campaign against Libya that resulted in the death of Qaddafi and yet another unstable Islamic nation. Iraq will disintegrate into a civil war with Iran and Saudi Arabia using proxy armies to fight one another while Libya will ally with the Egyptian islamist's and offer refuge to every terrorist group that needs it.

1. Chris Christie Says "Thanks But No Thanks": In the year where we have several strong GOP governors doing what conservatives have always wanted: fighting unions, cutting spending and taxes and generally walking the walk we end up with the lamest slate of candidates we've had in decades. I mean really? Does anyone get the warm fuzzies thinking about trudging out to vote for Newt Gingrich? The guy is the finest example of inside the beltway politics I could show you and the dude is just plain sleazy. What about Romney? The guy signed into law what was later the framework for Obamacare and he makes me pine for the electric personality of Bob Dole to boot. Bachman? Seems like a nice woman and a capable politician but she's just not cutting it. Santorum? He's the only one that hasn't had the lead and for crying out loud let's hope he doesn't. Ron Paul? I've been battling the Paulistinians for years and they kept telling me their guy was not really racist and definitely not an anti-Semite. Er, the evidence is mounting that they weren't exactly correct. So the man who could have destroyed Obama in debate after debate while joking the entire way opted out. Chris Christie could have been our next president but either felt he owed New Jersey something or just didn't want the scrutiny that a bid would entail. His wife and kids would be picked apart and we'd hear endless stories of his weight and health. Imagine: Christie/Rubio 2012. Oh well, one can always hold out hope for a brokered convention.

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