Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Union Death Spiral

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How quickly things change. The various unions still possessing clout thought they had the man and the timing to stage a labor rebound in a country that has seen union membership plummeting in the last few decades. Instead, they gave Obama millions of their members' money (which member's had no say in) with the expectation that he would push for and sign union-friendly legislation such as "Card Check".

Instead, Obama met reality and reality is that unions are dying and are becoming more and more hated by Americans who are struggling to keep or even find jobs while paying higher taxes, gas prices and insurance premiums. Why, many Americans ask themselves, should we in the private sector have to pay 10%, 20% or even 40% of our insurance premium when the unions are bitching about paying 1.5%? Why should we support organizations run by some of thew most vile people on the planet and take an ever-increasing amount of our tax money while giving us shoddy performance in return?

Events playing out in Madison, WI will dictate what strength the unions will have going forward in many states (mine included) and this has turned into an ugly war:

Nine people have been arrested in the third day of widespread protests at the state Capitol.

The state Department of Administration estimated 20,000 people attended protests outside the state Capitol, while 5,000 protesters filled the rotunda and hallways.

Labor supporters and activists have been protesting Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to strip most public employees of all collective bargaining rights, except for limited negotiations on salary. Walker has said the bill is necessary to close a budget shortfall of $137 million and a looming $3.6 billion deficit in the next two-year budget.

The arrests come after two days of incident-free rallies and demonstrations, as protesters have remained mostly peaceful. State officials did not immediately return calls asking for details on the nine arrests.

Police hand-cuffed one protester after he apparently tried to charge into the state Assembly.

The Tea Party organizers called for a large demonstration in supports of Badger governor Scott Walker and it appears they got a great response based on this picture.

MM has more info including the illegal distribution of doctors' notes to teachers who are staging an illegal sick-out and protesting. She also pics of the signs being carried by those who are paid to teach our children. They are pretty nasty but pretty much what one would expect from the collection of thugs and douche bags up in that liberal shit hole.

I leave you with this picture that about sums it all up:

I'm not sure that's exactly an ally they want at this point.

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