Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dictatorships Toppling at Nice Pace

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Tunisia was first, then Egypt now we have liberty and freedom trying to break out all over Asia.

Moammar Qaddafi resorted to using live bullets and missiles on his citizens. It's not looking good for the old, murderous bastard:

As the violence in the Arab dictatorship continued, a regional medical coordinator in the eastern city of Benghazi said bodies were piling up in hospitals.

"We must be talking at least 150 dead since the start of the demonstrations last week, with many more seriously injured," he said.

"Tanks and helicopter gunships full of foreign mercenaries are fighting gangs of demonstrators. At least one dead man had been hit by an anti-aircraft missile, while other bodies are riddled with heavy machine gun fire."

Fighting has also broken out in the cities of Al-Bayda, Ajdabiya, Zawiya, and Darnah, with eye-witnesses reporting Molotov cocktails, rifles and even antique Arabic sabres being used by demonstrators.

Protestors in Ajdabiya even claimed that it was now a "a Free City" after the HQ of Gaddafi's Revolutionary Committee was burned down on Friday, along with 14 other buildings.

Not sure what his military thinks of bringing in mercenaries but I'm thinking they can't be too thrilled about it.

Meanwhile in China, the Communist party has gone on the offensive as word starts spreading about protests there. I'm guessing if it gets bigger, the amount of people killed in Libya will pale in comparison to what the Chinese authorities will order exterminated.

I guess the real question that needs to be asked is quite simply this: Is Obama ready to take a true stand for liberty and freedom from tyranny? He didn't do so when Iran was on the verge and he didn't when Egypt was on the precipice so I'm guessing there's no way he has the balls to go against China--not with so many more social program's he wants to implement and the only source of money is them. Hell, he's alienated Britain so much that the royal couple didn't even invite him to their wedding.

Perhaps it's just easier for him to hinder the governor of Wisconsin--a man trying to save his state from the carnage left by Obamanomics--then speak out against dictatorships that oppress their populations. in other words, Obama's voting "present" again.

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otis.opse said...

As for the English Monarchy dissing the Obamas, can you blame them? After the lame-ass gift I-pod w/ Barack's speeches and the returned bust of Winston Churchill, the Queen has to think he'd never even to come to Buckingham Palace anyway. Why waste an invitation, they'd probably sell it on Ebay anyway.