Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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-GOP House repeals Obamacare. This is a small step one but a step just the same. Plus, more than half the states now are onboard with the legal challenge to Obama's boondogle as six more states jumped in yesterday.

-What could possibly go wrong with this proposal? In more good news for illegals aliens, we get to carry them to the tune of $600-million in LA alone.

-Philly abortionist is pretty much the worst human one could envision.

-Democratic Hawaii guv and Obama friend who said he would prove Obama is a US citizen: "Never mind."

-Murdered judge John Roll died a hero. I'm guessing since he was nominated by a Republican, he'll never get the respect one who saves another while being shot deserves.

-Republican leaders: "No thanks, we'll pass on eating dinner with a dictator at the Whitehouse". Nancy Pelosi: "Of course I'll sit with a dictator and eat a free meal on the taxpayers dime".

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