Monday, January 10, 2011

9-Year Old Girls Are Not Collateral Damage

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My first reaction to the attempted murder of a Congresswoman and the successful murder of a federal judge was outrage and horror at what one man could do. The left and the media (but I'm redundant) took it as an opportunity to blame the right and Tea Party types because as Rahm Emanuel once said: "never let a good crisis go to waste". They immediately tied this to conservatives without a shred of proof and before the smoke had even cleared.

It never occurred to them that a 9-year old girl was brutally murdered. She was a daughter, grand-daughter and friend to people who loved her and her life was snuffed out by a madman. I hope all you festering crotch sores who pounced on this story to score weak political points can live with that but then, you're godless (except maybe Gaia) so I'm sure it's not even a vacant itch on your conscience.

But you see, to these douchebags, Christina Taylor-Green was just collateral damage in the greater war. Unfortunate yes, but people do die in the struggle to change America into a socialist utopia don't you know? The left is a wounded animal from the ass-kicking handed them by the American voter and a wounded animal is the worst, most desperate kind. This is war to them and one in which they fully intend to win regardless of cost. They wanted a moment where Barack Obama could shine and regain that mojo he once had and if it took a dead girl to get that, well so be it.

In their insane endeavor to blame the right, they showed even more of their true, vile selves. This is the left those of us who've paid attention know is out there. These are not the fringe loons but the establishment. Paul Krugman, Kos and many other popular liberal writers. They look at every situation and think not of the horrific event but what they can gain from the horrific event.

Their lack of shame is telling as is their ability to quickly forget what appeared on their own sites. Just delete what was written and move on. Note also how the meme in the leftosphere went quickly from Loughner being a "teabagger" to gun control without even taking a breath to look at what they've wrought. But hey, the truth has been collateral damage in the left wing fever swamps for nearly a decade so why should using a little girl's murder for gain cause any great soul searching?

It must have been much easier since beautiful Christina's mother went on Fox News yesterday and not CNN or MSNBC, it made it that much easier to lump her in with the other non-humans who don't worship at the alter of Alinsky.

My prayers to the family of Little Christina (especially her grandfather who holds a special place in the hearts of Phillies fans), Rep. Giffords, the family of Judge Toll and the others who were wounded or died. I feel sad that the media chose to carry water for the left instead of doing their duty and report on those who were lost in a senseless act of violence by a homicidal maniac.

Amusingly, Matt Drudge posted that Loughners old friends labeled him "liberal" and kept that up all day. More people read Drudge then watch NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS combined. That will do more to discredit the media then anything because you fucking assholes on the left started this game but you don't have the juice to finish it. Enjoy owning the newest title of worlds biggest scumbags.

See Glenn Reynold's piece today in the WSJ, which is well worth a read. Also, Michelle Malkin with the Progressive Climate of Hate Primer.

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