Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Night Music--New Years Edition

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Here's to a great 2011. By this time I thought we'd have flying cars and holographic TV. Maybe next year.

Anyway, here's some new years-inspired fun.

First we have Jake and Elwood Blues opening up for the Dead at the closing of the Winterland Ballroom. The night started with Belushi and Aykroyd and ended 8-hours later with Bill Graham serving breakfast to the entire arena after an epic 6-hour show by Jerry and the boys:

Here's the Dead doing Midnight Hour on New Years 1985 with comments by Ken Kesey and Father Guido Sarducci. I believe that was Bill Graham as Father Time:

Next we have Gov't. Mule doing a cover of Sabbath's War Pigs on what I think is New Years Eve 1998:

Next we have the fat, sequined Elvis on New Years Eve 1976 in Pittsburgh:

And finally, Robbie Maddison jumps onto the Arc de Triomphe and then back down on NYE 2008. Down looked a hell of a lot more unnerving. Damn:

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