Friday, December 31, 2010

If Ezra Klein is a Leader on the Left, We Should Have No Problems Rescinding Obamacare

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Ezra Klein is a hard-core lefty first and foremost. He's supposedly the wonkish, young, intellectual liberals can believe in. He's smarter then everyone else by their collective reckoning for no other reason than he rebuts everything conservatives have to say with inane commentary and hazy "facts". Plus, he writes at a major MSM outlet and constantly appears on MSNBC so he's got to be a genius.

They talk about this clown like they talk about Obama being the smartest guy in the room when in reality he's not even the smartest guy in the Op/Ed section of the Washington Post.

Klein is the new liberal who, along with Matt Yglesias and Kos who pump out semi-intelligent screeds on a daily basis that get linked by other, lesser known liberals, which ensures whatever they write is at the top of Memeorandum. He's linked a whole lot so he must be an intellectual dynamo, right? A battalion of unemployed liberals living off the public dole break out their crayons and parrot him to the point that regardless of the veracity of any given Klein post, it become "progressive" fact within an hour.

But put these guys on TV where they actually have to present well-thought out ideas without the benefit of Google or as the awesome Iowahawk says; Wikipedia, they sound like exactly what they are: amateurish ideologues with access to the airwaves provided by a "news" organization that is watched by 10 or 20 people at any given minute.

Listen to Klein lay down some mean, intellectual thinking here:

It's hard to understand the Constitution of the United States because it was written over 100-years ago in language that's difficult to grasp by the great unwashed masses who voted Bush in twice. Got that?

The Communist Manifesto was written more than a hundred years ago by Engels and Marx but I'll be willing to bet that Klein understands that language very well.

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