Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Biggest Political Story of 2010

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As happens every year in late December, the various pundits and pundettes run down the Top Ten Stories of 2010 with the smug air of self-importance. Take for instance that irritating bastard Chris Matthews t whom his morning did his version by giving out various awards such as the Chutzpah Award. It was inane and biased but it's Chris Matthews so I'm being redundant.

Anyway, Politico ran down their list and it is missing one really important event. They did not include the election that threw numerous Democrats out on their asses and was a thorough rebuke of Obamacare. They list Manchin shooting the Cap and Trade bill and Christine O'Donnell whining that she's not a witch, dammit. But to not rank the biggest thumping administered to sitting congress in decades the nod in this list is a joke.

When historians look back on this year, they will see it as a year where Americans said "enough!" It will be the year that the Tea Parties made themselves into a political force by not being a huge cohesive unit but by working in small groups and helping push candidates into races who will stand up for what the Founding fathers intended. We now have some true citizen politicians.

We collectively said that we will not stand for the politics as usual approach to dealing with our country's finances. Now we have to hold them to that promise.

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