Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Greatest Sound In the World Is a Whining Yankees Fan

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So I wake up this morning and jump into the Jeep for the trek to work. I flip on ESPN radio and what do I hear but the stunning news that Cliff Lee is coming back to Philly.

Until yesterday, all the news was leaning to him signing with the hated Yankees or staying with the Rangers. But Ruben Amaro, Jr. righted a wrong and outsmarted the overrated Brian Cashman by landing the best pitcher on the free agent market for the second straight year (Roy Halladay was the prize last year). Showing that he learned well from his mentor the hall of famer-elect Pat Gillick, Amaro played on Lee's feelings to play in the city that once was a hated destination but now is baseball paradise. Lee likes the city, loves the coach and enjoys the team--a perfect situation.

He smacked the Yankees upside the head by taking less money than they were offering and gave the fans of New York the finger. There were reports that Yankee fans spit on Lee's wife during the playoffs last year and that may have been the final decision maker.

Good job New York, you've just been dissed for being a bunch of classless losers and Philly's gain is your brutal loss. I so enjoyed listening to your bullshit today trying to rationalize the situation by uttering drivel such as "he's not that good" or "he isn't worth the money" or my personal favorite "A.J. Burnett will pick it up this year". Sure he will.

Yesterday he was the greatest thing ever and today he's just so-so. You sound like that dude who thought he was going to score the hot chick at a bar and your rival is now at her place getting busy while you're home playing with yourself watching the last skit on Saturday Night Live all by your lonesome.

Blow me scrubs, the Phillies have the best pitching staff in baseball by far and possibly the best pitching staff ever. Enjoying losing the division to the Red Sox who scored a stud in the outfield and a stud at first while you waited for Lee to sign with you. But hey, Greinke or even Carl Pavano are out there to be you #2.


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Sorry. The Giants still have the best pitching staff in the majors. Their five starters are very close to, if not equal to, the Phillies' first five. And the Giants' bullpen blows the Phillies' relievers away.