Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zuckerman: Obamanomics Pretty Much Blows

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I think Zuck may just have a point and he was an Obama supporter.

I for one am happy that Obama has spent roughly three-quarters of the summer on vacation because it's not given him much time to come up with more creative ways to torpedo any signs of an economic turnaround. He and Mayor Nanny must have had a lot to discuss.

Yesterday we had more news that proves what Joe Biden calls "Recovery Summer" has been anything but.

-GDP growth is minuscule;
-The job market is abysmal;
-The stimulus has been anything but and real-time proof that austerity would have been a better course is available;
-The Fed is confused as to what to do; and
-The public pension time bomb hasn't hit with the full force it will.

Now that the Obama's are done frolicking in the sun, The One will focus like a laser on the issue that has America reeling--the Israeli-Palestinian issue. I could have sworn I heard two guys standing in line waiting for food stamps just the other day debating whether the right of return should or shouldn't be on the table during the negotiations...or not.

The Democrats are grasping at straws and chances are good that they'll throw another worthless bill out on the floor that just screws things up even more; something that Dems can hold up in a last ditch effort to keep their collective jobs and will do nothing to move the economy along.

I leave you with this picture. This is the the man who will solve all of our problems when he finally gets back to doing what he was elected to do:

Feeling better now?

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