Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Greetings on this beautiful late summer weekend. A round of golf with my son and my nephew are in my immediate future so life is good.

Anyway, here's what's new in the world:

-As if the Ground Zero Mosque issue couldn't be more insulting to those who see it for what it is, the project may get public funding. This is the single-biggest issue of the the election season behind the economy and will be proven so when they pick through the wreckage of the campaigns currently hurtling toward November.

-The EPA tried to backdoor gun control by making calling ammo hazardous. The result was pretty much what you'd expect once the people who own guns got word of it.

-Glenn Beck is putting on a freedom event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with a few hundred thousand of his closest friends. This, of course, has the usual lefty suspects screaming "heresy" since the people attending are partial to the Tea Party Movement and thus are all racists. Those who style themselves the face of the minority community are appalled that these crackers would desecrate this site on this day. The fact that Dr. King would have had more in common with the Tea Party than racial hucksters like Sharpton and Jackson has never occurred to them. Albert Pujols had set himself up as has LaRussa for media scrutiny but they are free to do whatever they wish, which is the idea of the day.

-Obama made it clear that those responsible for the attack on the USS Cole would be tried and convicted. As with everything else Obama promises, it has an expiration date. This is shameless.

-The MSM has always looked at the Tea Party movement like a bug under a microscope. MSNBC tries once again to define us. What could go wrong?

-Obama spoke about the end of combat operations in Iraq. You may recall it was the very same Obama who had no faith in our troops at a time when things looked bleak and was 100% against President Bush when Bush chose to support our fighting men and women and authorize the surge. Bush was right, Obama was wrong and now Obama takes credit for all of it while giving Bush none. He is by far the most classless president we've had (via Hot Air):

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