Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Pathetic Lefty/ Media Coverage of the Beck Washington Show

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I call it a show because I have no idea what else to label it.

Regardless, Beck has the juice to convene a gathering with at least 100,000 souls but more like triple that. Think about that, he asked people to travel to DC on a Saturday and they did--from all over the country. He's done more to stimulate the southern Maryland, DC, northern Virgina economy in one weekend than Obama has in 18-months.

Personally, I am not a big Beck fan, I fine the guy tedious and the religious aspect of the spectacle makes me uncomfortable. Not because it was religious per se but because it was--regardless of how they billed it--a political gathering. Politics and religion have joined together to add up to some bad things throughout history. Plus, it is not inclusive in many respects and the GOP needs inclusiveness at this point.

But the media reporting is just plain pathetic.

Treacher has the roundup of opinion and the lemmings in the MSM stuck to the "racist" meme with all their might regardless of the fact that the speakers were of many nationalities and the crowd reflected a mix of people. This was protect Obama at all costs mode and they played it to the hilt (although the photog who snapped this pic must not have been a member of the revamped Journolist).

This scares the shit out of the left and the media (but again, I'm redundant) int his country. They see an uprising that puts Obama mania to shame and they know they are absolutely powerless to stop it. They're impotent and even their smears are lame to the point that they are debunked within minutes by a vigilant band of libertarian/conservative citizen journalists.

I think Beckapolooza was good in the sense that it spread a message of unity on the day MLK spoke 47-years earlier about tolerance and it also worked as a nice smack to the left-wing of this country. I just hope the religious message does not backfire as the majority of this nation is indeed Christian but not many of them are churchgoing in an every Sunday sense. They could have been turned off if they were paying attention.

For the record, CBS has lost any shred of balance they once had as they hired a scrub firm to assess crowd size and they said this was only 87,000 people.

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