Monday, August 23, 2010

Could Obama Bail On a Second Term?

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This has been kicked around the blogosphere since Toby Harnden wrote about it last week (the Brit press is light years ahead of the hack American press) in the Telegraph.

Obama has pretty much whined for the last six-months or so about how hard the job is and how Bush left him with a mess. We've all heard it on a daily basis and that's one of the biggest reasons his popularity has plummeted. Americans like strong leaders who are good communicators like Reagan, optimistic like Roosevelt, straight-forward like Bush or human like Clinton. We hate whiny, we hate wishy-washy, we hate being lectured, we hate elitists and we hate hypocrites. Obama is every single one of those. He's just not likable.

Think of one moment where you watched Obama and said to yourself: "self, he seems like a nice guy". You could see yourself having a beer with Bush, Reagan or Clinton (and maybe hangin' around the Oval Office for awhile), but Obama, not so much. With The One it would be wine spritzers on the deck and no horse shoes because people could get hurt. He seems p-whipped and indecisive.

Neil Cavuto has his thoughts on this today as does Ed Morrisey. As for me, I could see that scenario. He's stuck with a GOP-led Senate and House, he can't advance the agenda and therefore loses the left who want him to fight (an instinct not in his DNA) and the public continues to sour on him until he reaches Bushian levels.

He says to himself fuck it, I'll never have to work again, play golf every day, give speeches and collect huge bank. Why deal with an electorate that is just too damn moronic to understand the genius that is me, Obama?

He'd go down in history as the first black president and historians will indeed go gentle just because of that fact. He rammed through a health care bill, which eluded Clinton and several other bills hat were but liberal wet dreams until the last two years. He's earned a cushy life, dammit.

And who does that leave to run? Hillary of course. It's not out of the realm.

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