Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Night News & Notes

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A rainy Monday and we need it bad so it's all good. Plus Carlos Ruiz just blasted a homer off Brett Myers so it's doubly good.

Here's what's new:

-Airplane! was released 30-years ago. We can all rattle off the lines (we have clearance Clarence, over Oveur, roger Roger). Pure comedy genius.

-The Global Warming Swindle is not dead. It's funny, whenever we joked about cold temps they scolded us (because that's what libs do) that weather is not climate. Funny. now that their junk science has been exposed as junk science, they're claiming weather is climate.

-This would be why people that are promised protection by the UN should run away in utter fear. The UN is either doing the raping or failing to stop those who do. The Congo would have been much better off without these scumbags "protecting" them.

-This is the Earth from 114-million miles away. Remember when NASA had vision?

Courtesy .Daily Mail

-So much for peace and understanding from the GZ mosque supporters. It's always the Jews, isn't it?

-Our tax dollars at work. Justice Dept. seeking "ebonics experts".

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otis.opse said...

"...looks like I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue!"

Kind of says it all doesn't it?