Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Morning New & Notes

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Off to a tourney in Salisbury, MD with my son. The real baseball season is getting started.

Here's what's new:

-Do the Saudi's fear a nuclear Iran so much that they would allow the Israeli's to use their airspace for an attack? Perhaps.

-Does anyone listen to Nancy Pelosi anymore? The woman is babbling on and on and it always ends up the same: blame Bush. We will look back on this time with utter embarrassment that we had this shrieking simpleton in close succession to the Oval Office. Er...based on who's in front of her in that list, she looks downright intelligent.

-Priorities people, priorities. Money is so much more important than a memorial service.

-Yeah, Rosie O'Donnell is still an idiot. She's also still loud-mouthed and fat as well.Maybe in between your anti-Semitic rantings, you can mix in a friggin' salad, Rosie.

-It's on! USA Vs. England in the World Cup. It's the biggest game in 60-years for the US.

-The ass-kicker-in-chief gets his mojo on:


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