Saturday, June 12, 2010

Failing to Lead

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Leadership is a quality that few possess and even fewer know how to use effectively. Sure, some people have that certain something that makes you want to listen to them or follow them but that is not what I define as leadership. Leadership is not only making tough decisions in pressure-filled situations but sticking by those decisions and getting people on board with where you want to take them. Leadership is not being mealy-mouthed and wishy-washy on those tough decisions, which brings us to the current president.

Barack Obama came into office with much fanfare and a country looking to join him. Never had a new leader been afforded the good will (and slobbering press coverage) that he did. One war is raging and another is still iffy, the economy is in the toilet and overall feeling in America were at the bottom. We needed a man or woman who could rally the nation and instead we elected an ideologue who instead of making the hard decisions, took us even farther over the cliff. He forced us into healthcare we don't want and spent money we don't have without a single thought about what is good for the nation. We needed a leader and we got a solipsistic bully who didn't put the country on his shoulders but stomped all over us with is wingtips.

Look at recent events and tell me if there was an iota of leadership displayed. The spill in the Gulf, four attacks by home-grown jihadi's and two major floods in the South. Where's the person we need to go to these sites and reassure a wounded population? Barack Obama voted "present" on the Gulf crisis, never visited Tennessee when the flood killed many and never once alluded to the fact that Islamic extremism has restarted on his watch.

We need a Reagan, Roosevelt or Lincoln and instead we get a community organizer whose only leadership experience has been running for president. I guess we got what we deserved.


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