Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spitting Venom

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Things that are currently pissing me off:

-If you are driving in the fast lane and doing anywhere south of 80 mph, you are a pussy driver so get the hell out of my way. I commute 162 miles round rip and you're blocking my way home.

-Obama is about to go on the air nationwide and talk about how he was on the BP spill from day one and then use the occasion of the worst environmental disaster to call for strict environmental regulations for global warming. In the midst of a long recession made longer by him he's going to essentially levy a brutal tax on businesses and expand government farther into our lives thus extending the never-ending economic nightmare.

-Obama has destroyed our longest-standing alliance in less than two years. For the record Nobama, they've fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffered casualties and death right beside us and you've spit in their faces repeatedly. Can't wait until President Palin or President Christie can hit the reset button on that one and mend the fences. hell, most people would like to have President Bush back.

-I'm especially pissed that Obama wants to spend another $50-billion to bail out unions that public employee's belong to. For crying out loud, they didn't give any ground when times were good, why should we when times are bad? Governor Christie has them by the short hairs in New Jersey and they are cowering.

-I'm really friggin' pissed that Obama has decided that we need an agency to force "lifestyle behavior modification". How about modifying your lifestyle by playing less golf while the country suffers and modify your behavior when it comes to spending money that my kids kids will be forced to pay back. You may know how to spend my money but stay the hell out of my diet and every other part of my life government has no right to be in.

-And finally, I'm pissed that the Phillies can't hit worth a damn lately. They have the YankMee's tonight and hopefully with Halladay on the mound they can get some runs off Sabathia's fat ass.

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