Sunday, May 30, 2010

Videos for One Who Was Lost

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I experienced a personal tragedy this week and music has always been the tool I used to get through personal struggles. Here are some of the songs I use for just that purpose:

Let me start with the Grateful Dead epic Brokedown Palace. This is a beautiful version from a sound check at Winterland in June 1977. Simply one of the most sorrowful versions ever with Jerry soaring on vocals:

Continuing with the Dead, here's Ripple. It became a song synonymous with death when used in the movie Mask as anyone of my age can tell you:

Next we have Box of Rain written by Phil Lesh when he was struggling with his father's death. It is poignant and apt. Note these all came from one of the greatest albums ever written: American Beauty. This album's gotten me through some tough days with the harmonizing the best of their careers.

Finally, we have the Allman Brothers with In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. Duane Allman and Dickie Betts absolutely meshed on his from the Fillmore East:

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