Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Thoughts

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On this Memorial Day while we are still fighting two wars, I ask for you to take a second and think of those who gave everything for this great nation. From those who fought and died at Cowpens during the American Revolution, through those who died on both sides during the Civil War, on to those who were mortally wounded in WWI and their sons who breached the Atlantic Wall on D-Day in Europe or fought and died on Okinawa. Don't forget the more recent warriors who passed in Vietnam, Gulf War I, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

They all deserve out utmost respect and gratitude. They fought when others sought deferments. They carried the burden of freedom, won hard victories and suffered grueling defeats. They were our best and brightest, be it the ditch diggers son from Alabama, the son of a doctor from Montana, the street kid from Newark, the surfer from California, the orphan from Baltimore or the football player from from Arizona. They knew what could happen and they fought and died anyway because they believed in the American spirit and they believed in the exceptionalism of this great nation.

My deepest regards to all those who've lost their lives in our nations' battles. My condolences to their families and friends as well.

So take a second while drinking that cold beer and remember those who aren't coming back.

Here's a story about one who didn't have to fight but did.

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