Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gutless NYT Hack Slams the Bravest Woman Alive

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Nicholas Kristof has always been a solipsistic little prick. His writing always trended to the grandiose and was aimed at elitist's who would tell their friends in Manhattan what a genius he is. That pretty much describes the entire staff of the opinion section in the Times but I digress. The fact that the Wall Street Journal is destroying the Times and pretty much no one actually pays attention to the op-ed section except for laughs is beside the point.

Most times he's one of those guys real thinking people ignore except in that rare instance he actually writes something intelligent but this time he needs to be focused on like a laser. This time he went after a woman who exhibits more guts on a daily basis than the douchebag Kristof has in his entire petty existence.

The beautiful and brave Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been marked for death for leaving Islam and was directly named as the next target when radical Islamist savages murdered film producer Theo van Gogh. She suffered through genital mutilation at age five and escaped an arranged marriage set up by her own father. She's had to live in fear everyday while the impish Kristof was eating at Elaine's and bravely impugning Bush twice a week. The most danger he's faced was getting in front of fellow columnist Frank Rich at the Christmas party buffet.

Andrew Roberts takes down the dickhead in what is the must-read of the day.

Here's a Pamela Geller post from a few years ago that describes just how much liberals can't come to grips with Ali.

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wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

This woman is a princess among women and must be defended to the death by all good thinking people.
She has had the guts to stand alone against death threats, to tell the truth. That is what liberty of the individual is all about. Truth and freedom of thought.