Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli Soldiers, Pro-Palestinian Rioters Clash in Flotilla Raid

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10 dead at this point but it will surely be more.

The background is that a Turkish boat loaded with pro-Palestinian activists tried to run the blockade Israel has enforced in hopes of reducing the daily attacks they've suffered. The IDF attempted to land soldiers aboard the boat and expected little if any resistance. They were wrong as the rioters attacked the soldiers before the could land using slingshots, guns, firebombs and metal poles.

The IDF reportedly had strict rules against the use of force but the soldiers felt they were in great jeopardy and resorted to using handguns to fend off the rioters.

Here's video released by the IDF just a few hours ago that backs up their version of events. The soulless lefties are slamming Israel of course and calling the Turkish fighters "peace activists" or just plain "activist's" instead of trained thugs trying to help a terrorist regime.

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