Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comedy Central: Channel of Pussies

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As I've mentioned myriad times, South Park pushes the envelope in ways TV has never seen. Comedy Central has mostly had Trey Parker and Matt Stone's backs when faced with withering criticism. Those days are over as they've acted like good dhimmi's as directed by the Koran:

Comedy Central bleeped out all references to the Prophet Muhammad in Wednesday night's episode of the animated show "South Park."

The episode was a continuation of last week's episode which depicted the Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit.

A radical Muslim website threatened the show's creators following that episode.

Comedy Central confirmed to that it had censored the show, and that the episode was not available on its website.

In addition to bleeping the words "Prophet Muhammad," the show also covered the character with a large block labeled "Censored."
Read the whole article as they went so far as to bleep the ending, which was a conversation between Stan, Jesus Christ and Santa Claus discussing intimidation an fear.The irony is so thick you need to brush it away from your face to paraphrase James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams.

Hot Air has much more as does the pithy Glenn Reynolds.

Update: The beautiful and brave Aayan Hirsi-Ali makes her feelings known as eloquently as ever on Anderson Cooper's show:

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Victor said...

Jesus, what a bunch of pussies. I mean, god damn it, just why don't we role over and take in the ass.