Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts on DEMOCRAT Congressman Massa (D-NY)

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Representative Massa turns out to be the most vile peoples representative of this--or any--Congress.

Some lowlights:

-He groped fellow officers and tried to "snorkle" at least one. Thanks for perpetuating the myth that the Navy is chock full of gays riding a Sullivanesque love boat. If he had been an enlisted man, he'd have been booted with a less than honorable or a dishonorable and probably done time at Leavenworth breaking big rocks into little ones on a rape charge. That is if he wasn't beaten down and thrown over the side.

-My second thought was how the hell did this guy escape scrutiny. He lived with five aides in a rental joint in DC where they seemed to have gotten busy regularly. I'm sure "snorkling" was a favored event after long grueling hours of listening to Henry Waxman drone on and on.

-Finally, he's a Democrat; a fact that has been blurred in this whole mess. He was against the healthcare bill because it wasn't socialist enough.

This guy is a scumbag of the first order and only won because the MSM wasn't about to dig into any lefties running in the 2008 elections. They failed dramatically on this douchebag.

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