Thursday, February 18, 2010

The World Should Be Thanking Israel, Not Condemning

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Once again, the Israeli's took things into their own hands. They take the biblical quote "an eye for an eye" literally and must do so for their survival. And once again, the world acts outraged. If this had been done by a Palestinian and he assassinated and Israeli, you'd be hearing much, much less.

The outrage today comes from Britain and Ireland whose forged passports the Mossad agents used. This is a daily occurrence in the covert ops business and every nation is guilty of it. The Brits are trying to keep Londonistan from going insane while Ireland doesn't want to be portrayed as conspirators so they have to feign outrage. There's a US angle as well.

But the Israeli's were well within their rights to take out Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. He admittedly killed two Israeli soldiers and was involved in numerous other plots. He was the Hamas military commander and would certainly have killed more Israeli's in the future. Hell, he probably plotted attempts resembling the one that finally sent him to meet his forty virgins in paradise.

The man was a member of a terrorist organization and the Mossad did what had to be done because the Israeli's understand something that George W. Bush did but Barack Obama is just starting to: terrorist's understand one thing and one thing only and that is personal fear and force. If they believe you can get to them, they will think twice and the Israeli's don't have Miranda Rights. If they could track Mahmoud al-Mabhouh and kill him in a Dubai hotel then no one who commits acts of terror against Israel is safe.

An eye for an eye.

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