Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Night News and Notes

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Here's what's new:

-American intelligence officials captured one hell of a big fish it looks like. This may well signal a big shift in Pakistani policy or they finally decided to give us something for all the money we've been pumping into the corrupt nation. Good work to the intel guys, they deserve as much credit when they do well since they take tons of abuse when they don't. A side note: The NY Times had this story and held it because the Obama administration asked them to. You think they'd have held it if Bush had asked?

-Scott Brown calls out Obama and challenges him to a game of hoops at the White House. Brown said he'd bring his daughter along and they could sell tickets and give the money to Haiti. I'm guessing The One would refuse rather quickly.

-Obama supports nukes? Uh, probably not but he's floating that trial balloon to see what happens. The Left will go insane if he goes along with it. Now if we can just get him to allow us to drill for oil and natural gas instead of leaving all that money below the mantle of the planet.

-This has got to be some kind of record; a majority say they don't want Obama to stick around for another term. Hope and change is now "we hope to hell he's gone in three years and we really need a change in the Oval Office".

-Why the hell are the Republicans going to the health care circle jerk when they know full-well they will be demonized by the Dems anyway? The majority of people say scrap the bullshit bill and start again. Unless the GOP can secure tort reform, they have no business wasting their time.

-Great moments in socialized medicine. Yeah, that's what we need here in the good old US of A. Yes, it's actually in the communist rag The Guardian.

-If you needed another reason to wonder why the Episcopal Church split, here it is. Dude, er, you eminence, I'm sure as hell not giving up my I-Pod. Quoth the Bishop of London who noted that reducing carbon output was "an opportunity to demonstrate the love of God in a practical way." Maybe it's me and maybe I'll go straight to hell for saying this but who the hell is this a-hole to say that God cares one way or another about carbon output or whether or not I use less lights? This is why people get turned off by religion.

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