Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Night News and Notes

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Tired. Happy tomorrow's Friday.

Here's what's new:

-Some idiot who was pissed at George W. Bush and the IRS flew his plane into a building used by the IRS. Of course the reflex action by a Washington Post contributor is to blame it on Tea Party folk. Allahpundit sets him straight.

-Unemployment was up last week but more ominously, so was inflation. Stagflation would make what we've gone through in the last year seem like a joke. But hey, ABC gave the stimulus clusterfuck a solid B- so who the hell am I to argue? I mean, it's produced no discernible jobs and probably won't so we'll see another to prove that Keynesian economics are the only way to go, even if it costs us quintillions.

-To most of us, there is nothing that contains our most intimate details like a smart phone. You can tell a lot from a persons phone and those details could now be used as evidence without a search warrant. More government intrusion.

-How worried is the government about inflation? A great deal. Simple economics dictates that you can't print trillions and not expect to see volatility, which is what those of us opposed to Porkulus have said from the beginning. Inflation will be a bitch and the end of Obama's dream of a second term.

-Awesome! Killing mosquitoes with lasers. It's amazing what people can do with money and the will to create:

-GOP on jobs bill: Thanks, but no thanks.

-Tom Friedman is a raging hypocrite. Just another global warming swindle perpetrator.

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