Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Night Videos--All Mother Nature Edition

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It's been awhile since I posted some vids on TGIF. That said, here we go on a night we're awaiting Gaia's wrath for using too much fossil fuel. She's pissed and is about to drop about 12-18 inches of powdery, white global warming on our asses.

She's pissed we didn't appease her by selling out America and capitalism at Copenhagen and we're about to pay our penance for the second time this year with a snow storm leaving double digits on the deck.

So in honor of Her and as a sort of musical sacrifice since virgins are in short supply, I bring you music inspired by Gaia's majesty and bad things the bitch can do to us when she's not pleased.

We start with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Snow (Hey oh):

Next we have not weather but another type of disaster Gaia can shock us with when she's suffering through that time of the month. Here's two earthquake inspired songs starting with the beautiful and immensely talented Natalie Merchant and San Andreas Fault:

Next we have the Grateful Dead (you knew I'd sneak one in somehow) with California Earthquake. In 1989 the Loma Prieta quake hit the bay area, the Dead were scheduled to play the Philly Spectrum and I had tickets. In my younger, more selfish days, I was concerned whether or not they'd cancel and stay home to look after their families and houses. Fortunately, they came on schedule and played this gem they hadn't ever played until this night as far as a I know. It was a magical night in that old and storied building and I'd never heard such a response from a song that was new and unheard before at a Dead show:

Next we have some old school Neil Young with Like a Hurricane. This was always one of my favorites and he nails it here. The dude abuses a guitar and gets sounds that guitars shouldn't pour forth from the amps. The sound quality is off but not irritatingly so:

Finally, a nice gem from 1996 with The Who and David Gilmour and Love Reign O'er Me from Quadrophenia. Gilmour ads a different sound and Roger's sporting an eye patch for some reason.

I know it's "reign" instead of "rain" but it's used metaphorically so I went with it. Plus, this is my blog and I can do what I want so just shut the hell up and listen. This is a monarchy, not a democracy. I am a benevolent king, however.

Have a great weekend.

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