Monday, February 01, 2010

US Gearing Up For Iran Engagement

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Iran is still acting froggy and even threatened today to cure us of our arrogance. Despite the repeated admonishments from the UN backed by threats of a fierce wrist slapping and bed without dinner, Ahmadinejad seems poised to take his nation over the edge.

The US Navy has moved anti-missile assets into the Arabian Gulf and placed ground-based Patriots in several nations to fend off a missile attack should the Islamic Republic act on their threats and start a regional war no one wants.

Unfortunately, a test designed to intercept an Iranian missile shot they are capable of failed today:

WASHINGTON, Feb 1 (Reuters) - A U.S. attempt to shoot down a ballistic missile mimicking an attack from Iran failed after a malfunction in a radar built by Raytheon Co (RTN.N), the Defense Department said.

The abortive test over the Pacific Ocean coincided with a Pentagon report that Iran had expanded its ballistic missile capabilities and posed a "significant" threat to U.S. and allied forces in the Middle East region.

The Missile Defense Agency said that in Sunday's test both the target missile, fired from Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, and the interceptor, from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, had performed normally.

"However, the Sea-Based X-band radar did not perform as expected," the agency said on its web site. Officials will investigate the cause of the failure to intercept, it said.
I disagree with the credit where credit is due sentiment expressed by Karl. Democrats have been trying to shut down funding for what they called "Star Wars" back in the days of Reagan and we haven't nearly perfected the technology to make missile defense reliable. We have had numerous successful tests so it may indeed work and better to fail in a test than when missiles are en route to Tel Aviv.

Speaking of Israel, they can't sit back and just hope we take care of things for them. They must gear up as we speak and I wouldn't be too surprised to see an attack on a par with the daring Osirak raid go off within weeks.

The ridiculous coddling of the Iranian ayatollahs and their stooge Ahmadinejad has proven to be an epic failure. Obama--in his naive approach favored by weak liberals--has allowed old Mahmoud to steal an election, laugh at us, threaten us and supply those who are killing our troops while keeping hope alive that the Iranians will see the brilliance he possesses and come to the table. Uh, no. They understand strength and power and Obama has to say forcefully that we will take action if Iran launches at any nation. No, the mealy-mouthed rhetoric we usually hear from the administration won't do this time. If they launch at Haifa, we have a war that will engulf the entire Mid-East, drive oil prices through the roof and force us to defend Israel, thus motivating thousands to join al-Qaeda in the war they want.

This is no time for nuance and thoughtful contemplation. This is a time for straight talk and even more overt action. Place two or three DDG's on the coast outside the 13-mile recognized range and let them sit until the self-proclaimed date by Ahmadinejad. Then encourage those that are leading the revolution covertly by supplying money and assets. The next ten years depends on action taken today.

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