Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Afternoon News & Notes

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The Pro Bowl is today and I don't think anyone gives a damn, me included.

Here's what's going on in the world:

-A state-by-state roundup of Obama's poll numbers. About what you'd expect: the deep blue states still support him--but just barely. The red states disapprove across the board.

-Michael Moore is a fat hypocrite. But you knew that already (H/T: Hot Air):

-The Global Warming Swindle continues to unravel. The IPCC published what many consider the bible for global warming zealots but it turns out that two of the sources cited as proof that mountain ice was melting faster because of elevated carbon dioxide in the air used anecdotal evidence. The sources were a climbing magazine and a students dissertation. The global warming argument is falling apart faster than Tiger Woods' marriage.

-Liberals are in serious trouble. Note that the article says that the label "progressive" is poisoned. Now that that label and the liberal label are toxic to them, what will they call themselves next?

-Obama's State of the Union address was written on an 8th grade level, fourth most dumbed down ever. Note that George W. Bush's was written for a more intellectual audience. Can we stop the "Obama is just too damn smart for us to understand him" bullshit now? We understand him, we just don't like what he's saying and doing.

-A guy who had zero chance of winning the White House in 2012 says he's not running for the White House. Steele would have finished behind Mark Sanford if he chose to run.

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KurtP said...

Steele would end up behind Fred Sanford if he ran.

I do have to give him credit as he's at least got a clue that being Dem-lite isn't going to win any elections.