Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Reuters Bows to Obama

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Reuters has always leaned to the left and at times sounded more like Pravda or TASS than the Soviet organizations themselves did. Today, they've solidified their hold on the title of News Agency That Kisses Obama's Ass The Most. Congrats on the win, boys:

Obama administration aides appealed to the Reuters White House reporting team to kill a story by another reporter of the news service that suggested the president's new budget blueprint included "backdoor" tax hikes.

A White House official told TPMDC the Reuters story was "falsely stating that the President's budget raises taxes for middle class families, when in fact the opposite is true."

The official said when the administration saw the story, published yesterday afternoon, they contacted one of the Reuters White House correspondents.
Note how the media has failed to correct many of these stories about conservatives allegedly doing something but immediately pulled an article when asked by the liberal president.

Newspapers were meant to keep politicians in check but that ethos has all but been lost on the MSM with the exception of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post. The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves.

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