Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesday Night News and Notes

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-The Dems are dropping out in droves. Now Sen. Byron Dorgan is bailing in what could be a portent of the way the Dems think the mid-terms will go. That will be a GOP pick up for sure if they don't act their usual stupid selves and blow it somehow.

-Michael Yon is handcuffed by customs officials in what will surely be another embarrassing faux pas on top of many recent ones.

-Yeah, that whole bailout thing is working really well.

-The Obama administration may be different than the Clinton's in one respect; the Clinton's took the silverware while Obama is robbing us so badly with crony schemes that the only thing left may be the silverware.

-Start paying attention to the race for Ted Kennedy's seat. A Republican within 9% is striking and may be another sign this will be a great year for the GOP.

-Nancy Pelosi is shameless. But I'm redundant.

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