Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obama's Lie After Lie After Lie After...

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Politicians still haven't caught on that every word they say is on the Internet, every appearance is archived and it's all a search engine click away.

Obama repeatedly said his administration would be the most "transparent ever" and repeatedly said that the healthcare debates and discussions would be available "on C-Span" and streaming on the net. Instead, we have backroom deals that funnel $300-million to Louisiana for one vote and millions to Nebraska to cover MediCare payments for another (a deal coming back to bite the recipient mind you).

Below we have video of Obama saying on numerous occasions that he would allow us to see the sausage being made when on the trail but now that it's crunch time it's all smoke-filled (figuratively, not literally because Granny Pelosi would never allow cigars anywhere near these talks) rooms and midnight votes.

Allah has fun busting on Robert Gibbs' squirming while trying to explain that the lies are in fact not lies.

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