Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Accountability Sorely Lacking in the Oval Office

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Harry Truman once had a sign on his desk that read "the buck stops here". Oh how the Democrats have changed in the last half-century plus.

The current Dem in the oval-shaped executive suite is the antithesis of what Truman embodied. Truman faced the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American service people and ordered the Enola Gay to drop a nuke than ordered another drop soon thereafter. Obama spent months letting our military suffer from a lack of troops while he debated what to do. He then ordered those troops into place but put a price on their heads by showing he's not going to let them win.

Truman was shown up by MacArthur and he promptly fired the enormously popular general (and then called him a "dumb son of a bitch" to boot). Obama has been shown up by an McChrystal, embarrassed by Geithner and Napolitano, put in danger by Desiree Rogers who allowed what is now known to be three people into the White House during a state dinner and pretty much let down by everyone he selected to serve him. He's fired no one. He did fire Greg Craig but that was because Craig went against Obama's liberal tendencies in closing Gitmo, not for incompetence.

How bad is it? So bad that Sally Quinn is actually calling him out. She gets it wrong but baby steps my friends, baby steps:

One of the first lessons any administration needs to learn is that somebody has to take the hit for whatever goes wrong. If another culprit is not identified, the president gets the blame. One incident after another in the past few months has shown that members of this administration would rather lay low and let Barack Obama be the target. This has got to stop.
No, they don't lay low on their own, Obama orders them to lay low, says there's nothing wrong, let's things simmer than admits that yes, there were mistakes made but let's let bygones be bygones. Note this example from today whereby Napolitano made a statement about "the system" having "worked" in the case of the would-be Nigerian suicide bomber that should have had her on the first plane back to Arizona.

The One is soft and everyone knows it. Our Enemies, Allies, those on the periphery and the American people know that it's true. American's don't like wimps and they are realizing with shock that we in fact elected one.

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