Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thursday Night News and Notes

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National championship being played out right now with Texas threatening but Bama holding tough at the goal line.

Here's what new in the world:

-Shocker! GOP elitist's don't like Sarah Palin. Note to GOP elitist's, most people don't really like you so it's a mutual feeling.

-If gay marriage can't pass in New Jersey, it isn't passing anywhere. Funny how the back-door attempts to go through state legislatures failed about as miserably as putting it to a vote did.

-So much for global warming:

Those who have a vested interest are coming up with every excuse why it's still relevant.

-A pop quiz on The One's first year.

-A $290,000 speeding ticket. Dude should've just kept going and outran the cops in his Ferrari.

-You should be reading Roggio every single day as he's the best at reporting the daily events in the War on Terror. Drop him a few bucks if you can.

-You probably should be reading No Pasaran as well for coverage of events in Europe.

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