Friday, January 08, 2010

The Democratic Schism Widens

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Republicans have a problem. We are broken into some what disparate groups with differing agendas and aim. However, we all believe in the same goal and that is to regain the House, Senate and eventually the Executive branch.

We have Palinist's who believe in core Reagan principles that have been shown to be quite effective in building a steady majority. We also have the more centrist, elitist sect that resides in the DC bubble and preaches a more moderate view and a softer stand. These are the people who were whispering in Bush's ear that expanding Medicare was a good idea.

The problems on the right are nothing compared to the ever-expanding rift developing on the left.

Health care has exposed what was a hidden breach where hard-leftists and socialists want American remade into a Euro-type state where businesses are either owned by the government or heavily regulated by it. They also want cradle to grave reliance on the government as we see in Sweden.

On the other side we have more centrist, Truman-type Dems who don't want radical changes but paleo-Democratic policies that include a strong defense, social safety nets and strong unions.

This fragile coalition that was united under Obama last year is now in a full-blown war. Here's an example. That's one of many mind you.

My point is that we are seeing pixels spilled by the millions with the more socialistic (and full-on communistic) Dems spewing vitriol at other Dems that was once only saved for George W. Bush. With old Chimpy McHitler out of the picture, they've aimed their sights at those they believe are ideologically impure and in doing so are ripping their party to shreds.

The GOP hasn't had an opportunity like this in two decades or more and if we continue seeing what we currently are we'll have a plethora of pick-ups in November.

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