Thursday, January 07, 2010

Obama Finally Realizes We Are At War With Islamo-Terrorist's

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It's about damn time too as we have credible reports of up to 25 plots and one attempt that would have succeeded but for passengers taking things into their own hands.

Obama had to make a stand and project strength after dithering for the last ten months and calling terrorism anything but. His national security team treated our national security as a joke and that was on full display when Obama's top terrorism--Michael Leiter--guy didn't see the need to cut short his ski vacation after the plot was revealed (Leiter: An attempted plane bomb? Did anyone get killed? Okay, what time do the lifts start running?)

Obama actually said "the buck stops here" and accepted responsibility. He didn't blame Bush and he didn't fire anyone even though the aforementioned Leiter should get canned immediately.

Now that he's acted tough, will he back it up with actions or was it just rhetoric? We'll see.

Here's the AP's take:

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