Monday, January 18, 2010

Taxachusetts Senate Race Update

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Big news from the Peoples Republic this morning.

-Obama went yesterday and had a teleprompter mishap. He was heckled too.

-Intrade has Coakley down to 40% 35%.

-Typical liberal response to Coakley's floundering campaign...Blame Bush! Guys, Bush has been out of office for a year. Remember, you all had those stupid 1.20.09 stickers on your bumpers? Note that Patrick Kennedy gets her name wrong more than once.

-Jim Kramer predicts a huge rally on Wall Street if Brown wins.

-Expect the votes to be counted as slowly as possible if the initial results favor Brown. Also, expect many allegations of voter fraud, especially with the SEIU mobilizing.

-Inside the polling.

There's no way I can emphasize the importance of this election enough. A Brown win will not only energize the GOP throughout the nation but it will energize the Conservative base more than they already are (which is considerable). As Tapper notes, Coakley is a "canary in the coal mine" for the Democrats.

If we have any hope of winning back the nation and stopping the socialist Juggernaut, it starts here and now. The GOP will have to trend right and maybe this will give them the backbone to actually stand up for what is not only good for the country but what is right.

-Update: "I like my women blonde, my Johnny Walker black and my Democrats quivering."
Amen, brother.

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