Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Memorable Day for the GOP

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They don't necessarily deserve it and should serve a bit more time in exile for selling out their base by passing the prescription drug bill and running up what were once considered huge deficits (until Obama). But the GOP has been gifted a horrid first year by Obama and generally loathesome Dem candidates in two big races in the last couple of months. We have new life it seems.

First off, Chris Christie took over for Jon Corzine in New Jersey in what can only be a harbinger for the new year. Corzine made McGreevey look sane and centrist with his ultra-liberal policies. Businesses ran for the exits and taxes went sky-high. Christie has vowed to cut spending and if he doesn't thisae state will not elect another Republican for twenty years. I think he'll do okay but he is facing massive deficits and a bloated beuracracy.

The other big event is the possibly impending win by Scott Brown. No real exit polling, only anecdotal info but there's huge turnout. The polls close at 8:00 EST. Much more on this later. It could be a momentous day for us on the right.

Update: The Inquirer didn't even put the Brown-Coakley race on the front page but instead put some drivel about Obama mobilizing his grassroots. The biggest story of the new year is being intentionally ignored by the Inqy. About what I expected.

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