Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Not Just Anti-American but Anti-American For Money

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Someone who sells themselves to anyone for the right price is generally considered a whore. I give you Beyonce:

On Sunday, Mediaite reported that singer Beyoncé Knowles had given a private New Year’s Eve performance for an exclusive crowd in St. Barth — and made the case that she had performed and been paid by relatives of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi (variously known as Khadafy, Qaddafi, Quadhafi and more). Atlanta-based blogger Necole Bitchie reported a $2 million fee; the UK Mirror reported a “six-figure sum” and yesterday Media Takeout made the same claim, repeating the $2 million number and confirming the Gaddafi-hosted party from a guest who was there (hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons also placed Beyoncé at a “Khadafy party.” Today Page Six confirms our original report, with one new piece of information: the party was thrown by Moutassim Gaddafi, known as Hannibal, son of the Libyan dictator who less than a week before made headlines for allegedly attacking his wife in a London hotel.

Page Six notes — as we did! — that Beyoncé’s sang five songs for a crowd that included her husband Jay-Z, Lindsay Lohan and Usher (who also did the New Year’s countdown); Jon Bon Jovi, Simmons, supermodels Miranda Kerr and Victoria Slivstedt and BET founder Bob Johnson. Page Six could not confirm the rumored $2 million sum cited elsewher (sic), but did note (again as we did) Mariah Carey’s reported $1-million payday for the same gig last year.
These scumbags attended a party thrown by a guy whose family was directly responsible for the deaths of Americans (yes revisionist's, it was definitely state-sponsored terrorism).

I wonder if Beyonce, Jay-Z, Bon Blowme, Usher or any of the other Hollywood leaches ever considered giving a concert for the families of all those who died over Lockerbie, Scotland. That was sarcasm as such a concert wouldn't pay real well and the party wouldn't be the party to be seen at so why would these douchebags participate.

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