Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Snow is paralysing the region from DC to South Jersey. It forced me to cancel a trip north for a holiday party and skiing but once on the road this morning it was evident it was not a good idea to drive anywhere. I'm a good driver in snow as I've been doing it my entire adult life but even I wasn't comfortable with the kids in the car.

Anyway, here's a view from my back door taken about 30 minutes ago and it only started coming down heavily an hour or so ago:

Global warming indeed.

Here's what else is going on:

-The Democrats continue to meltdown. Healthcare has become the third rail of politics. The country hates the idea of Obamacare, the left in this country hates it for different reasons and now we have an intra-party schism that is destroying the coalition. Here we have a liberal slamming another liberal for being lackeys of the insurance companies. Savor the schadenfreude my friends, I know I sure as hell am:

-The vile Florida congressman Alan Grayson (D) is shamefully utilizing government resources to shut down free speech and potentially send a critic to jail. Remember when dissent was considered patriotic?

-That old curmudgeon Herb Denenberg rails against Congress and Obama. Someone definitely pissed in his oatmeal this morning.

-Shocker! The probe against Rep. John Murtha and other Dems ends without any findings. What a sham.

-Ex-Eagle and current Charger John Runyan is going all in and running for the seat in my district as a Republican. Note that the current occupant has been voting like a Republican in every single health care vote thus far as this district is deep red surrounded by a sea of blue. He's pretty good on the issues.

-Headline of the day:

Rodent infestation closes Capitol cafeteria

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